Why I'm Running

I want to build our economy by offering great jobs, awesome schools, accessible and affordable healthcare. I plan to make Tennessee a place where women and LGBTQ+ rights are valued and protected, a place where the constitution is not challenged for partisan reasons. I believe in science whether it is in regard to Covid-19 or protecting our natural resources.

Politics is NOT my family business. I will be YOUR champion.

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Life Experience

Life Experience

Volunteer Physician, RAM, Remote Access Medical, and Flying Doctors of Mercy

Owner of Body Mind Realign Functional Medicine Chiropractic and The Gratitude Bar

Scientific Research;


-Ecological studies in Southern California, Andes Mountains, Ecuador--Laboratory: Biochemical study of HIV transcriptase; Increasing food output regulated by bacteria in a symbiotic relationship with bacteria

UCLA Medical School (Maternal and Fetal Health Dept)

-Measuring glucose levels using less invasive methods in pregnancy

London, England

-Exploring the impact of income on a childbirth experience in a country with both a public and private healthcare system

Oaxaca Mexico

-Interviewing Zapatec midwives about birth practices before and after a medical clinic was established in their community

-Patient Advocate Cedar Sinai Hospital

-Director of Philanthropy; Palisades Womens Club overseeing fundraising for local charities, including "Meals On Wheels", in the Los Angeles area.

-Southwestern President California Co-operative schools

-Southeastern Representative Children's Summer Village (NYC, NY)

-Motivational Speaker and creator of "Whealth, a stress mangement strategy

-Creator of "Anatomy of the Performer", a workshop for the Strasburg Institute

-Original member of Code Pink

-Speaker on Reproductive Rights at NOW convention in Los Angeles

-Attended the first Women's March in Washington DC

-Raised two boys; Foster mother to two girls