A native of Knoxville, Jane has always held a deep love for the uniqueness and beauty of East Tennessee. Growing up here, she often heard that Tennessee was one of the best kept secrets in the world. Some things have changed, but not the strong men and women who live in our communities. Urban, farmland, suburbs, riverside, foothills all make up the great diversity of landscapes and people here. And they all have an investment in keeping Tennessee a healthy place for their children and grandchildren to thrive. “I was born into the arms of Knoxville. Took my first breath, my first step, said my first word, had my first kiss here in Knoxville. I competed in the Junior Olympics as a Knoxville Track Club runner, won the Grace Moore at the University of Tennessee. And, way back when, I created the “Senate” at Bearden High because I believed in true representation of the people in government. I understood then, what I know to be true today. We are just as awesome in our differences as we are in our sameness. Ultimately, we have more in common than not. Ultimately we are all Americans. We value our families, our communities and our beliefs. Just like my mother and father, my grandparents and even great grandparents before me, we hold a generational pride and love for our beautiful city and the natural wonders that surround it. My Grandfather was a no-nonsense Republican and my Grandmother a card-carrying Democrat. It was a normal part of life to listen to passionate debates about the differences they each saw in solving problems in our community. It taught me to listen to both sides. It taught me to draw my own conclusions rather than being told what to believe. I gained a fundamental understanding of the differing approaches to power in the states or at the federal level. It challenged me to think one issue at a time”. Today, I stand beside you, as a local business owner and State Senate candidate, asking for your support. Help me preserve the integrity of our great communities while responding to the changes and challenges that require new perspectives and approaches in leadership. We cannot continue to live in the past if we want to keep East Tennessee great. We need new momentum in Nashville. Not just someone who votes yea, but fights for what she believes in to protect our citizens. I want to listen. I want to find solutions that serve our educational system, our economic health and the well-being of our families. We have to put politics aside. It is time for change.